With a GPA score of 3.5 and impressive extracurricular activities background, Bui Minh Tam successfully surpassed 100 DBA graduates majoring in Human Resource Management to become the Most Outstanding Student of the Department in Graduation Ceremony which will take place on 26/6/2015

With his impressive effort and hardworking, this student named himself in the honour award in the upcoming graduation ceremony of the new graduates of the Department of Business Administration.

The reporter interviewed this outstanding student of 37K17. With the common excitement of all students before graduation, Tam feels happy and anxious at the same time, "I am happy because I have completed four years of university and been ready for official work to be financially independent with a sufficient income. However, at the same time, I am also worried about the difficulties that I have to face while adapting a completely new environment compared to the university environment. "

That simple joy is the taste of fruitfulness after a long journey with many difficulties in the university. And that anxiety seems to be his concerns about the long way ahead. Sharing his learning process, he said:

 "During my studies, I always try my best to complete assignments as well as possible and always want my teammates to get the best results. That is more important to me than scoring. I always think that if I just need to do my best no matter it is right or wrong, teachers will help me to correct it. My difficulty is to find a group of students who share the same goal of learning with me. I want everyone to do their best to finish the assignments and have a good result. After a couple times doing teamwork in the first and second years, we finally found an ideal group in the third year that we wanted to maintain that group in all the other subjects. "

 Besides academic learning, Tam is a guy who loves sports activities, especially football, "every week he spends time playing football with his friends." Perhaps that is also his way to relax and recharge energy after tiring school periods. In addition, another thing that he likes to do is improving his English skills.

 Being asked about his thinking of the advantage of high score he got, he confided:

"I think the score has never been a huge advantage to me. In my opinion, there are many more important factors such as soft skills, foreign language skills, communication skills ... I think to gain the advantage over others I have to try more. There are many people with the not very high academic score but other skills are very good; they have participated in a lot of extracurricular activities so they may have a great advantage compared to me. I personally highly admire those students. "


Bùi Minh Tâm - 37K17

As a message for generations of K17 students as well as all members of the DBA Family, he shared that "Always do the best in your abilities and power, find your own interest from new knowledge in classes and do not hesitate to ask teachers or friends what makes you confusing"