In the next graduation batch of students from the Department of Business Administration, Vo Thi My Hoa, a student in class 37K2.2, excelled to be the top student with a GPA score of 3.51 and Excellent participation in extracurricular activities

With the admirable studying progress and training efforts, the little girl of Thang Binh, Quang Nam became the best student among of 220 students getting awarded on upcoming May 26. With all our admiration, we had a small talk with Ms. Hoa - the new valedictorian of the Department of Business Administration in 2015.

Quite humbly when talking about her achievements, Hoa shared her student life:

"Difficulties are countless, namely Leadership, Business Start, Financial Management, Strategic Management, etc. It seems that the subjects related to Management are all difficult to absorb. These hard subjects will knock every student down. When I feel hard and depressed, I often find a helping hand around. When I was freshman and first came to the university environment , I confided with 36K seniors to recharge the energy and spirit "

It is worth mentioning about this tiny girl is that, besides high achievement in studies, Hoa still participated in all activities of the Student Union and activities of the Department. "Most of my time spent on group activities, voluntary work and outdoor fun because I was a playful and energetic girl. It is totally not my ability to grab a book and learn by heart. During my time at the university, I joined the Department Unions from the first year or maybe the second year, then I also joined another club of business and charity outside the university, it must have been three years"

When being asked about her thoughts with the score advantage before entering the real working life, Hoa confined

"I do not think the high GPA score is the advantage, instead I consider it as high pressure. High score sometimes leads to higher expectation from the employers so if i cannot meet their expectation, they will be very disappointed. Therefore, for me it is more important to be respected from what we have done to the company regardless the score."

And in the last sharing words to the generations of the DBA house, Hoa said:

"The subjects of K2 are very attractive, well applied to real life and not too much theory. For the general subjects, the only way to deal with is just trying to listen to the lecture and ask some more questions for memorizing. Actually, there are so many subjects that I was also sleepy; I then asked questions to the lecturer to treat sleepiness.

For the time management and balance, some of you who are taking part in a lot of programs and events, try to arrange a break and take care of your health a bit. Our one and only treasure as a youth is health, do take care of it"

“I want to send my gratefulness to lecturers in the Department during the difficult school years such as Ms. Bich Thu, Mr. Liem , Mr. Lan , Mr. Long, Mr. Thuy, Ms. Hanh , Ms. Loan, Mr. Hiep. Each person has their own color and long lasting impression on me  ... Wishing the remarkable growth for our Faculty "

Wherever the members of DBA Family go, they will all reach their own dreams. Wish for Vo Thi My Hoa, the little girl of sunny land Quang Nam will also find herself the brightest and widest road in her life ...