Nguyen Hoang Vu, member of the Department of Business Administration course 35th, is one of the most outstanding alumni of Da Nang University of Economics

    Having graduated for two years, Hoang Vu has been admired by juniors with striking achievements. Previously, he was Deputy Secretary DBA Youth Union in the year of 2010-2012 and graduated in Business Administration with a GPA score of 3.29 / 4. During his time at the university, he participated in many extracurricular activities, being praised by the School Union of the University of Da Nang for his excellent contribution in 2010. He was one of three Vietnamese representatives to participate in "East Asian Seas Youth Forum "in Changwon, RO Korea in July 2012. Also, he received the STF-ACB scholarship of Asia Commercial Bank in 2012.






After graduating and settling down with his job, thanks to the foundations in the university, he is still working on his incomplete projects. Currently, he is a member of many projects, namely Aptech Vietnam Country Meet 2014, Global Business Summit 2013, India IT Show 2013, Danu Eyewear, Business Camp, Unilever Career Talk, Cultural Exchange Program, Music Talent, etc.


     With a decent success at an early age, he gradually conquered his passion. He is a pride of the Department of Business Administration in particular and the Danang University of Economics in general.