After nearly 2 months for preparing plan, raising funds and practicing for the night live show, LOVE SPRING 2019 - the biggest voluntary activity of Acounting Faculty, was done successfully and reached all the main goals on 11-12th January 2019.

Love Spring 2019 brought so many meaningful things to people in A Dieu Hamlet, A Roi Village, Dong Giang District, Quang Nam Province: 100 gifts for households, building a bookshelf for kids and a house (called Guol), fixing school's gate, repainting play yard..... 

Referring to the results that Love Spring 2019 has achieved, we cannot help mentioning the volunteers of the program - the key force leading to success. The volunteers have always tried their best for each item of the program. 

Especially, there was a night show to bring the volunteers and villagers together. This show not only helped villagers forgetting their shortage but also made their life happier. 

Link: http://bit.ly/2R9hzMQ