Sharing of new students: "I'm proud to be a student of DUE"


Becoming a university student is a dream and a long-term goal of many students. Especially, for Chau Thien Bao, a new student majoring in General Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration, entering the university gate is the land to nurture and develop his own dreams and ambitions. 

Let's chat with Chau Thien Bao to understand more about the feelings of this new student.

Hi Thien Bao, choosing a school is an extremely important step for your future career. Why did you choose the University of Economics, UD?

I am a person who likes economics, calculation, and communication, so I find myself more suitable for economics than other industries. About choosing a school, I learned from my previous classmates, in addition, University of Economics, UD is a university with a long history of tradition, good learning environment, if I study at the school, I will be trained and develop a lot.


Thien Bao is very proud to be a new student of DUE

How do you feel when preparing to enter student life?

As a freshman, I'm really happy. I always prepare for the best study spirit for the coming days. I have seen pictures of the school through the fan page which is very beautiful and soon I will be sitting in the lecture hall.

How do you feel about living away from your family?

My hometown is in Tra Bong, a mountainous district in Quang Ngai province, so my student life will definitely be far away from my family. But I'm an independent person so I don't have to worry about this much. I hope I will get to know many new friends and quickly integrate into this beautiful coastal city.


Thien Bao took a souvenir photo with the high school homeroom teacher

Can you share your future direction? 

Currently, I feel very happy, proud, and full of emotions when I think of myself as a new student at the University of Economics, UD. In the short term, I think about studying first, I will often study with seniors, learn more study materials to achieve good academic results. In terms of further direction, I want to become a good businessman. I always think that the University of Economics is the land to incubate and develop my dreams and ambitions is the right choice.