The Bachelor of Commerce Management (BCM) degree program in The University of Economics, The University of Danang is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive academic foundation to respond to essential needs of commerce sector- a growing sector today.

BCM Students will be equipped with professional competencies for commercial management and basic knowledge about politics, law, society, economics and business. The program places an emphasis on giving chances to apply knowledge into practice as well as to learn from commercial experts through internship projects. Simultaneously, the program is geared to training bachelors who have ethics and capacity to develop career and serve the community then. After graduation, students acquire skills and norms throughout the course, including  flexible approaching and problem solving skills, breakthrough thinking, continuous presentation of new ideas and perspectives, professional attitude and morale, increased cooperation.

Career opportunities

Specially, BCMs have a myriad of job opportunities because their background is suitable for the following positions:

o    Specialists in managing commercial business at enterprises.

o    Specialists in sales and customer service

o    Specialists in import and export activities

o    Specialists in managing purchases / Sales managers

o    Head of commodity line

o    Customer service officers in commercial enterprises

o    Sales Executive in production, trading, import-export companies, representative offices, multinational enterprises, joint venture company, service firms, shipping agents, airline agents, insurance agents, and banks…

o    Officers for Sales Department in firms producing and trading consumer and industrial goods, supermarkets, convenience stores,…

o    Specialists in government organisations, research and development institutes related to commerce or international trade such as Department of Industry and Trade, Department of Planning and Investment, Trade Representative.

o    Researchers and Lecturers of Commerce in research and training organisations.

Development opportunities for BCM

o    Develop and promote higher management positions in enterprises and organisations.

o    Be able to study other undergraduate programs to get a second degree of economics or management and business.

o    Be able to study higher programs such as master or PhD programs of economics or management and business.

Specially, the integrated training program focuses on personal development. After 5 or 10 years of graduation, BCM graduates have some following capacities.

o    Chase business ideas and become entrepreneurs in the field of business, commerce.

o    Become key leaders in the field of commerce at Multinational enterprises, Joint venture company, commercial firms trading consumer and industrial goods, supermarkets, …

o    Become consultants of solutions, strategies, and the development of commerce systems for enterprises and organizations