1. In the context of increasingly expanding trading activities as well as developing international trade, there have been some opportunities and challenges for developing countries like Vietnamà Hence, enterprises need staffs who have ability to do commercial activities such as marketing, market researching,…, who are able to deal with business situations, to research independently into specialised issues, to plan strategies and business projects, to conduct domestic and foreign commercial activities as well as to comprehend professional knowledge like negotiation, purchase and sale, trade promotion, customer service, e-commerce, import/export business.

2.The emergence of retail market in Vietnam, recently, with the presence of big names like Aeon (Japan), Lotte (Korea) or Central Group (Thailand) is a living proof of the potential development for Commercial Business Sector. Additionally, experts predict the stability and persistence of the Vietnamese retail industry in next coming years which is driven by many crucial factors like young population, growing rate of the middle class,  rapid urbanisation, increasingly open economy and higher incomes. The Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) for Vietnam in 2017 is ranked sixth- the highest place among GRDI ranking’s 16 yearsà Thus, there are lot of career opportunities offered students if they can take the chance, especially, toward an discipline with a wide applicability.

3. The Bachelor of Commerce Management is equipped with basic knowledge of business, management as well as in-depth knowledge of planning, organising, implementing domestic and foreign commercial business activities; hence, the major’s career application range is so wideà Therefore, This assists you to develop your career in various areas.

4. Along with equipping specialised knowledge updated regularly in accordance with the growth of commerce field on the world, Following modernity in designing curriculum, and also the fact that students are facilitated to contact and practice at enterprises, make this program not focus too much on theory.

5. “Study hard-party harder”! if we consider studying as a “main course”, extra-curricular activities should be a combination of “Appetiser and Dessert”. A full course would not be complete without appetiser and dessert; student life may not be fulfilling without extra-curricular activities. With interesting schedules such as Camping, Lovely Night, annual conferences, clubs named CRES, volunteering projects,…These activities would attract the majority of students; bringing memorable experiences of students’ colourful life.

6. University of Economics, the University of Danang (DUE) has over 40 years of training and teaching with various majors of economics. University of economics offers many opportunities and policies to support students such as scholarships, tuition exemptions, achieving double degrees, studying abroad and so on.

7. Danang city is a dynamic and worth living city in Vietnam.