On the digital platform, online business projects have practical significance for businesses in retaining traditional customers as well as finding potential customers.
The Capstone Project 1 module helps students integrate what they have learned into real-life experiences from generating business ideas, building technology-based business models, building business plans, and so on.
Due to the complicated epidemic situation, the Faculty of E-commerce organized an online report for this module with the participation of enthusiastic public evaluation of business units and lecturers in the Faculty.
Faculty of E-commerce would like to thank the valuable comments and sharing from the businesses: E-commerce Association in DN, SAPO Technology Joint Stock Company, SNV Group Trading and Service Joint Stock Company, Co., Ltd. DV & QC Enjoy has contributed to the success of the online business project assessment for Capstone Project 1.
Thank you to the students for bringing a very vibrant and very professional atmosphere when presenting business ideas, hope this rewarding experience will follow your career journey.
Once again, congratulations!
Có thể là tranh biếm họa
Có thể là hình ảnh về màn hình

Có thể là tranh biếm họa về màn hình và văn bản
Có thể là tranh biếm họa về màn hình và văn bản Có thể là tranh biếm họa về màn hình và văn bản