- To organise more meaningful activities for community, the Youth Union of Faculty of Accounting (DUE) founded a charity group, which is named Keto4Danang. The target of the charity activities is the families of poor patients in Danang.

- The very first place that the group chooses to help is Danang Hospital for Women and Children, where many patients from other provinces are staying. The group will donate the first meal portions, which are simple but really meaningful, to the families of poor patients.

- Details:
Location: Danang Hospital for Women and Children
Time: 15h30 - 17h, 7/4/2019
Quantity: 150 meal portions (10 000 VND/portion).

- This is a very meaningful activity, therefore, our group hopes for support from benefactors. Please send your donation via:
TRẦN ANH NGUYÊN (Tel: 0918322322) – Vietcombank – CN Trung Đô
+ Account no. : 0110655512
TRẦN QUỐC LONG (Tel: 0387163603) – Dong A bank – CN Đà Nẵng
+ Account no. : 19026914367018