Last afternoon, December 2, the volunteers were summoned and participated in team building activities with a series of challenging but interesting and unique games.

As the "lambs", volunteers have to go through the challenge of "finding mother", and overcome together the series of continuous games offered by the Organizing Commitee to win the final victory. Although they have to breathe hard because of running up the stairs or grimace as you walk when their feet are tied to their teammates, their spirits are always seething, always side by side to accomplish the common mission of the team. 

Activities have contributed to the cohesion, making all volunteers as well as the Organizing Commitee to interact and become more harmonious. Surely, we have remembered each other's names already? 

Along with that, fund raising activities of the teams have been happening very excitingly. Hopefully, through the team building session yesterday you will understand each other better and coordinate in perfect teamwork to raise funds successfully.  

Link of image: https://mega.nz/#F!YloxiaYa!vUmnhNZPUgPzF4Q3l2YZqA