ICAEW - The contest seeks 100 outstanding students from Southeast Asia
- Time of the contest: from January 4, 2019 to March 15, 2019
- Form of examination: online (online) 
- Participants: Students of mass universities economic sector 
- Time to take the exam: 25-30 minutes 

- Awards: general prizes of regional competitions and prizes for Vietnamese students only (see details in section 5)


Students attend by visiting https://icaew100.com/southeast-asia to register for an account. 
(*) When registering, please pay attention to choosing the correct University of Economics - The University of Danang (DUE) school. 
After registration, students can actively arrange the time to complete the online test.


- Time to take the test: about 30 minutes (students are fully active in using time to solve situations, but time will be an important factor to decide the result exam). 
=> Exam content: The test will consist of 2 main parts of role playing and multiple choice questions. 
- In role-playing games: students will experience the working environment and situations where an accountant, inflammation auditor, consultant ... often encounter, the player's task is to choose appropriate handling most for each situation. 
- In the multiple choice questions, students will calculate and answer multiple choice questions about accounting, auditing, finance and business ...


- Soon after completing the exam, students will receive an assessment of their strengths and skills to improve in order to become a professional notary accountant. Global. Students who achieve high results among the top 100 best students in Southeast Asia at the time of the test will receive a notification email. 
- The list of the 100 best students will be updated continuously from time to time. Students will receive a notification email if they are no longer on the list of the 100 best students in the area.
Students and teachers can access the list of the 100 best students in Southeast Asia through https://icaew100.com/southeast-asia/leaderboard and a list of excellent students Most of Vietnam will be updated weekly and monthly on the fanpage of ICAEW Vietnam.


Southeast Asia ICAEW Awards for students in the whole region: 
- 01 first prize worth USD 2,000 and 01 career skills training with experts from ICAEW UK 

- 06 second prize in the whole region with a total value of 1,200 USD

Vietnam ICAEW Awards for students from Vietnam: 

- The six most successful students in Vietnam will receive CFAB program gifts and scholarships issued by Vietnam ICAEW training partners ( AFA, Vietsourcing, UHY, APT) with a total value of up to 2,000 USD. 

- Weekly prizes and monthly prizes with many gifts from Vietnam ICAEW.

Awards by school: 
- The students with the highest results every month and the final of each school competition from Vietnam will receive gifts from Vietnam ICAEW. 
- Trophy and thank you letter from ICAEW Southeast Asia to 05 schools in Vietnam with the most students participating in the contest.