In May 2015, the University of Economics - University of Da Nang cooperated with two prestigious universities in the world, Aston University (UK) and Yokohama University (Japan) to successfully held the International Accounting Conference with the theme "Accounting in the New Era."
The workshop was held at the Olalani Resort and attracted the attention of managers, leading experts, academics from the UK, Japan and Indonesia; Representatives of the State Audit, State Treasury, independent auditing firms in Vietnam, domestic and foreign auditing associations, university lecturers ...

The seminar focused on topics of management accounting, financial accounting, environmental accounting, auditing, information disclosure, auditing training, etc., reflecting the practicality of the work of accounting, auditing and accounting training in Vietnam.
Through the multi-dimensional discussions from both domestic and foreign experts and experts, ICOA 2015 gave a clear view on the limitations of the Accounting profession in Vietnam as well as the solutions proposed to overcoming and contributing to training accounting human resources with better quality in the future.
"The seminar is  really fun and exciting," said Margaret Woods, a professor at Aston University, “This is a good opportunnity for participant to  approach a variety of views from different scholars, thereby discovering many aspects of Accounting in Vietnam with the most multidimensional assessments. I think that the ideas discussed at this seminar will be extremely useful for the development of accounting in Vietnam in the time of integration.” The workshop marked an important turning point in the International cooperation of the school in the orientation to become a research university at regional level.