Are you hesitatant about whether to apply for Accounting - Auditing programme at Danang University of Economics? So, please take a moment to review all of sharing and feelings of our alumnus below!

Accounting – Auditing is always considered as an essential and necessary field for all economies. Today, along with integration, increasing domestic and international investment capital leads to many priceless job opportunities in this industry. The advice for the students is that you should upgrade regularly your knowledge beside practice your professional skills, the full preparation will definitely enhance your chance to get a suitable job after graduation. Accounting – Auditing career is always a good choice to start your career”

Le Thanh Cong 38K18 - CLC 

“Opportunies come to those who have preparation. Therefore, keep your chance of being a student of Da Nang Economics University. The university always give skills and knowledge that you need, and how to show them your abilities. Remember if you fail to have a good preparation, you cannot see your chance anymore.”

Mai Thi Ngoc Duyen 38K18.CLC  


“My name is Tran Ngoc Trang, a student of 39K6.2 – specialized in Accounting of Danang University of Economics Student. I have just graduated on the 1st period (3.5 year), held on 19th Jan, 2017 and at present, I’m working at Techcombank Danang. Accounting Division provided me with a wonderful environment to study and shape my soft skills through Youth Union activities that help me quickly get on well with current new working environment”.

Tran Ngoc Trang - 39K6.2