International workshop "Commerce and distribution - CODI 2018": Promoting commercial strengths of local trade


In the morning of December 14, 2018, the international conference with the theme "Commerce and Distribution" organized by UD's KonTum Branch (UD-CK) in collaboration with the University of Commerce (Ha Noi) and Da Nang University of Economics – The University of Da Nang officially took place in a lively atmosphere with many quality reports, with urgency along with lively and multi-dimensional discussions from the great universities, experts attending the program.

In the past 5 years, besides teaching and training tasks, UD-CK is also the host for many seminars on economy, society, study abroad, training of high quality human resources ... collection attracted a lot of participation of scientists and researchers from many universities, colleges and large research institutes throughout the country. Following these successes is the premise for UD-CK to host the international conference on the topic "Commerce and Distribution - CODI 2018" for the first time. The success of this workshop marked a new milestone of UD-CK in research and organization of international scientific conferences.


Participating in the workshop, on the Organizing Committee: Assoc.Prof. PhD Nguyen Thi Bich Loan and Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hoang Long, Vice Rector of University of Commerce; Prof.PhD. Le The Gioi, Former Director of UD; Assoc. Prof. PhD. Tran Dinh Khoi Nguyen, Vice Rector of Economics University - UD; Prof. PhD. Doan Thi Hong Van, Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics; Associate Prof. PhD. Dang Van My, Director of UD University in Kon Tum.

Representatives of the Organizing Committee

On the leadership of the departments of Kon Tum province, there were Ms. Huynh Thi Tuyet Nga - Deputy Director of Kon Tum Department of Industry and Trade; Mr. Doan Trong Duc - Deputy Director of Kon Tum Department of Science and Technology and representatives of Kon Tum City People's Committee, Ngoc Hoi District, Sa Thay District and Konplong District.

Representatives of departments and businesses in Kon Tum province

For international units: PhD. Isa Keryjaouen, University of Bretagne Sud; Ms. Lorella PIGNET FALL, University of Jean Moulin Lyon, France; Ms. VERNA Jeanine, University of Jean Moulin Lyon, France; Marie Grard, French Cultural and Civilization Center - Campus France. Along with that is the gathering of scientists from more than 20 universities, representatives of businesses and donors in Kon Tum province.


Speaking at the opening ceremony, Assoc.Prof. PhD. Dang Van My emphasized CODI Seminar 2018 with the main discussion contents such as institutions, policies, commercial business models; distribution channel with distribution network; market with customer behavior; types of logistics services; Industrial revolution 4.0 will be a place to exchange, a reliable scientific forum to promote distribution trade in Vietnam in general and the Central Highlands in particular.

The comments from scientists are extremely valuable and necessary in the process of research, finding solutions to develop trade and distribution appropriately, maximizing the advantages of some localities that have outstanding potential, including the Central Highlands. In particular, for the DHU campus in Kon Tum, the workshop provides an opportunity to exchange, learn and share experiences and research directions in the field of commerce and distribution. In addition, the workshop also provides an opportunity to meet scientists at home and abroad, government and business management agencies. It is hoped that the participants of this Conference also find their own good ideas, lessons about areas of common concern, Young people will be given more creative energy.

Prof. PhD. Dang Van My, Director of UD University in Kon Tum delivered the opening speech

Representative of Organizing Committee, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Thi Bich Loan hopes that scientists can see this as an opportunity to exchange, discuss, point out the problems, causes and solutions to develop for the economy in general and the field of trade. trade in particular in each locality and every business. At the same time, we also thank the cooperation of UD in Kon Tum and the University of Economics – The University of Danang which has been very successful in the preparation and wishes to continue to cooperate with the two schools in the next workshops.

Assoc.Prof Nguyen Thi Bich Loan, Vice Rector of the University of Commerce spoke at the Conference


Keeping close to the main topic given by the Organizing Commitee the seminar program is divided into 3 sessions with many topics on commmerce and distribution such as: Market and customer behavior in commmerce and distribution; Distribution and commercial networks, logistics; The impact of institutions, policies, legal framework and international economic integration on the development of commmerce and distribution sectors in Vietnam; Commercial and distribution business models.

Prominent are some reports such as: Development of logistics services in the 4.0 era; Researching shared economic models and suggestions for Vietnamese businesses; Developing wholesale and retail services in the process of international economic integration; Current situation and development trend of Vietnam's safe agricultural product distribution system. Experience of Thailand and lessons for Vietnam; Strengthening export capacity: Case study for key agricultural products in the Central Highlands .... These are topics and researches by scientists, researchers, lecturers from University of Bretagne Sud (France), Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics; University of Commerce, FPT University, Institute of development strategy; Da Nang Institute for Economic Research and Development.

In the presentation section, many delegates also made interesting discussions and exchanges. In which, most of the comments focused on analyzing and identifying outstanding issues of commercial activities - distribution in Vietnam such as:

- The trading and distribution system in Vietnam is simple and popular. Newly launched distribution models are still difficult to compete due to consumer behavior that is not yet familiar with the new model.

- Currently, many people flock to business on social networks like Facebook without focusing on personal brand development. E-commerce is facing difficulties due to underdeveloped payment instruments, low consumer confidence, the State has not ensured legal issues and security on online sales websites.

- New business model strongly penetrates into Vietnam such as Starbucks, Highland Coffee ... threatening old and traditional business models of Vietnam.

- State policies in trade and distribution: How to create an equal competitive environment in the current commercialization issue.

Attending the seminar, scientists and leaders from departments have greatly appreciated the size of the organization as well as the quality of the reports. Ms. Huynh Thi Tuyet Nga - Deputy Director of Kon Tum Department of Industry and Trade shared: Currently, logistics in the province has not developed; According to the policy of 2019, the provincial People's Committee will develop strategies and ways to develop logistics in the area; supporting the production of machinery, trading and learning, connecting with local and international distribution systems for commercial development in the province.

Mr. Vu Manh Bao - Director of Investment and Development Bank Kon Tum emphasized on the field of international payment in commercial services, if Vietnam still maintains the method of cash payment, it cannot develop strongly. . The annual economic reports are still macro, there is no mention of export issues such as Vietnam's rubber or fruit being depreciated compared to the past and there is no solution.

The workshop also noted some opinions of delegates from Kon Tum province such as: Mr. Pham Thanh - Head of Management Board of High-tech Agricultural Park of Mang Den; Ms. Tran Thi Bich Tuyen, representative of Sam Ngoc Linh Company Kon Tum; Mr. Doan Trong Duc - Deputy Director of Kon Tum Department of Science and Technology shared about local agricultural products produced by high technology, precious medicinal products are rated good for quality but not yet exploited well because there are very few enterprises that meet the technological standards or products that are certified, the products are much counterfeited, so they have difficulty in determining the price and branding. And through this, delegates also expressed their desire to propose solutions to promote the business of commodities in Kon Tum province in particular and Vietnam in general.

PhD. Isa Keryjaouen, Université Bretagne Sud said: in France, consumers have very high requirements for product quality with many different criteria. Therefore, Vietnam needs to research and develop organic and natural products. Products of Vietnamese origin in France can only be found in Asian markets and supermarkets that cannot be found at Western supermarkets. At Carrefour supermarket - the second largest retail system in the world, there are booths for Asian products but still cannot find Vietnamese products. And she made a proposal: participating in international economic organizations such as WTO will bring advantages for Vietnam in the field of trade and distribution.


Participants contributed comments and discussions on the conference

Continuing the idea of ​​promoting commercialization of local products, some scientists such as: MSc. Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, Development Strategy Institute - Ministry of Investment and MSc. Do Cao Anh, Hali Farm (Hue) said that local manufacturing enterprises need to consult the strategy of developing similar products in advance countries to reach the market and promote marketing; Focusing on the local market and doing well in production, cost factors and costs will be solved.

In addition to 22 speeches and opinions exchanging directly in the talk sessions, more than 100 good, practical, quality and highly applicable research papers and papers were researchers and scientists. sent to the Organizing Committee, selected to be posted in the yearbook and distributed to the participants of the program. This is an important document that helps businesses, managers, strategic planning to capture commercial activities - distribution in different market segments, from which to apply and deliver develop solutions to promote Vietnam's economy to develop more sustainably in the integration process.

DUE scientists at CODI 2018

From the success of this first international conference, the DHU campus in Kon Tum once again affirmed the strategic vision of connecting scientists and researchers across the country and the country. sacrifice. As expected by the Organizing Committee, the second workshop will continue to be held in 2019 with many specific sessions to delve into each field of trade and distribution, contributing to the socio-economic development. Central Highlands Association in particular and the country in general.


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