A talk with the only student from Danang participating in APEC 2017 voices of The Future forum


Mai Nguyen Cong Thuan –  the third year student from Faculty of Commerce – University of Economics – The University of Danang is one of ten Vietnamese representing the nation’s youth to participate in one of the most important forums of APEC economic leaders’ week 2017.

As the only young face from Danang participating in the “Voices of the Future” forum in APEC economic leaders’ week, how do you feel?

-I am very surprised and honored! After hearing the news, I could not control my feelings and had to tell my parents right away. However, I am quite nervous and worried about my task at this forum because I need to leave an impressive image of Vietnamese youth in the eyes of many active and young people from APEC member economies.

What are you and other young Vietnamese people going to do at “Voices of the Future” forum?

- Other team members and I are going to present our ideas and points of view at the discussion to create the dynamic future, friendship and cooperation between young people in the Asia-Pacific region. Besides, I have a chance to participate in the main discussions of APEC to gain more experience and broaden my knowledge about this economic forum.

Furthermore, we will play a role as cultural ambassadors introducing Quang Nam, Danang, especially the whole team will present cultural performances in the exchange events with other young people from different countries.

You must have very tight schedule?
-Everyone usually leaves the hotel at 8 o’clock, and has to work continuously at the discussions. We can relax and have a chat during tea-break and lunch time, then we return to discussions and arrive at the hotel at 9:30 pm.

At first, I was worried about my study at University of Economics, but fortunately, the lecturers were very understanding, which enabled me to attend the event. I can update my knowledge through friends and study groups on Facebook.

What message would you like to deliver to international delegate of “Voices of the future” forum?

-The dynamism, creativity, confidence, good ability and spirit of Vietnamese youth is the message that I and all representatives of Vietnamese young people would like to deliver through this forum.

What have you learnt from being exposed to the international “young voices”?

-I realize that young people from other countries are very good at economic knowledge. They were very excited to share their ideas and startup projects, which inspired me a lot. I have also learnt so much from fun stories and interesting language and cultural exchange at this forum.
I am sure that many young people want to have such experience like you, can you please share with us some secrets?

-I am ready! (laughing out loud) First of all, good English is a prerequisite you need to have to be able to join international forum and events. Second, you need to take part in lots of different activities at university to gain more confidence and have good communication skill. Furthermore, it is the good study result that proves your ability to accomplish big task. Good luck to all!

Thank you so much! Wish you great success at APEC “Voices of the Future” forum.