Welcoming the 49K New Students: DUE Innovates with Flexible Organizational Methods


Believing that higher education plays a pivotal role in "shaping the future society," the University of Economics, Da Nang University (DUE), pursues an educational philosophy that emphasizes liberation, individuality, scientific spirit, and a proactive lifelong learning spirit for each individual, with the goal is to build a prosperous and progressive society. Consequently, DUE is undergoing significant and diverse changes. In anticipation of the new academic year 2022-2023, the university has improved processes, from organizing enrollment to welcoming new students and conducting orientation programs.

To welcome and celebrate the new students who have been admitted to the University of Economics, Da Nang University, the university organized an orientation program and a week of civic and student activities on September 10th for the 49K freshmen, titled "49K - Freshers Today, Leaders Tomorrow." The program with participation from representatives of the Student Affairs Office, the Training Office, the Youth Union, and a large number of 49K freshmen.

New students interact enthusiastically with the Youth Union

The goal of the orientation program and the civic and student activity week for the 49K freshmen, titled "49K - Freshers Today, Leaders Tomorrow," is to provide new students with information about the development process of the University of Economics, Da Nang University. It also aims to support and guide new students in matters related to the functions of each department, contributing to the comprehensive development of the students. The program equips new students with methods and skills to effectively engage in academic activities at the University of Economics, Da Nang University.

In particular, the program also aims to improve understanding and increase political awareness of new students, helping new students understand the rights, obligations, and sense of responsibility of citizens - students through propaganting the Party's guidelines and policies, the State's legal policies, basic and necessary information on the domestic and international economic - political - social situation, regulations and laws on training, student affairs, policies, rewards, discipline and tasks of learners to meet social needs.

Dr. Bui Trung Hiep, Deputy Head of the Student Affairs Office, provided an overview of student affairs and the regulations governing student affairs

Dr. Nguyen Thi Thieu Quang, Deputy Head of the Training Office, introduced the training regulations to the new students

Additionally, the Student Affairs Office staff guided and explained the procedures related to student affairs, making it easier for students to complete the necessary tasks during their studies and training at the University of Economics, Da Nang University.

Staff from the Student Affairs Department also guide and disseminate the process of implementing procedures related to students

At the DUE, apart from classroom learning, students have the opportunity to engage in various extracurricular activities. The Youth Union and Student Association of the University of Economics, Da Nang University, take pride in being a place where students can experience, develop, and have companions throughout their university journey. Currently, the University of Economics, Da Nang University, has 18 Clubs, Teams, and Groups with numerous activities ranging from volunteer work, culture, arts, sports, study, scientific research, business, and more. Thanks to these activities, students can create memorable experiences and learn valuable lessons from their peers through participation. During this program, new students had the chance to interact with university clubs, teams, and groups and receive guidance on becoming members that match their interests and personal goals.

Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union of the University of Economics shared about the University's Youth Union activities with new students

Within the framework of the program, the university also organized a campus tour for new students to visit various university facilities, including the FLIC Center, lecture halls, department offices, functional offices, the IT and Communications Center, the Student Support and Business Relations Center, the library, the canteen, and the dormitories. Additionally, team-building activities were conducted to allow the 49K freshmen to interact with each other.

New students exchange and participate in Campus tours

The orientation program and the civic and student activity week for the 49K freshmen, titled "49K - Freshers Today, Leaders Tomorrow," are being held from September 10 to September 20. These events mark the beginning of an important journey for new students as they prepare for their studies and personal development in the coming years. Throughout their time here, students may face various challenges and difficulties. However, they are encouraged to maintain confidence, patience, and a desire for success. The University of Economics, Da Nang University, is always ready to support and accompany them. Students should create memorable experiences for themselves, set ambitious goals, and take pride in being members of the DUE community.

New students of the Faculty of Business Administration have an interesting experience at "Buddy 49K30-er" (Photo: Faculty of Business Administration)

Flexibility in organizing enrollment

Beforehand, the University of Economics, Da Nang University, made various flexible changes to ensure a smooth enrollment process for the 49K new students on September 7th and 8th. Notably, the university conducted online enrollment through the website nhaphoc.due.udn.vn. By using this software, new students could easily provide personal information, access enrollment records, register for their chosen majors, and make fee payments through the online banking system. This marked a significant improvement in the enrollment process, reducing time and difficulties compared to traditional enrollment procedures.

New students and parents check in on admission day

In addition, the university placed special emphasis on accommodating students' accommodation needs. The process of finding accommodation was facilitated through the application at https://thealab.due.vn/. This provided support and rapid information about necessary housing options for the new students, helping them quickly secure a place to stay while reducing the time, effort, and associated costs.

Many clubs and groups welcome new students

The university hopes and believes that the mission of education is to discover and stimulate the immense potential of individuals in the process of building a better society. Higher education serves as the platform to establish conditions and encourage individuals to unlock their unique abilities in promoting their own values and societal progress.

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