The 14th Annual Conference of Vietnamese Economists (VEAM 2023): Green Economic and Financial Development


On July 26-27, the University of Economics, Da Nang University (DUE) hosted the 14th Annual Conference of Vietnamese Economists (VEAM 2023) with the participation of a diverse group of economists. The conference was co-organized by the University of Foreign Trade, Hanoi (FTU), the Development and Policies Research Center (DEPOCEN), and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). Notably, VEAM-2023 was honored to receive valuable sponsorship from the Vietnam Energy Transition Initiative (VIETSE) and the World Bank. Together with the organizing committee, VIETSE invited contributions from scholars and young researchers to the theme of green economic and financial development. VIETSE also took on the role of hosting special sessions, conducting four-panel discussions throughout the two-day event. The World Bank also participated in a roundtable discussion on Entrepreneurship in Vietnam, featuring esteemed scientists from international universities.


VEAM Conference forms a network of international and Vietnamese researchers, fostering active and effective research collaboration between research centers in Vietnam and international universities and research institutes.


Warm greetings from Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Thi Thuy Anh to the researchers and scholars

 Speaking at the opening ceremony, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Thi Thuy Anh - Vice Rector in charge of the University of Economics, DUE, stated: VEAM-2023 is a precious opportunity to promote research activities at our university, enabling our faculty members to learn from renowned researchers in the fields of Economics and Business from various countries. Beyond knowledge exchange, our purpose here is to engage in cultural exchange, foster mutual understanding, and build relationships.


VEAM is an annual academic event for economists and social researchers both from within and outside Vietnam to present papers, findings, and scientific research and academic programs. This year, the conference attracted 150 delegates with 140 papers from around the world, a record for VEAM, especially in terms of contributions from globally prestigious universities. Participants of VEAM-2023 engaged enthusiastically in discussions on their research concerns, sharing experiences and knowledge, aiming to enhance a deeper understanding of diverse economic and social issues affecting Vietnam and the world.


Speakers present at the main discussion sessions during the Conference

 Across 39 panel discussions, especially the four main discussion sessions during the conference, various prominent global economic issues were explored. During the presentation by Prof. Ha Duong Minh from the French National Center for Scientific Research (CIRED/CNRS) on "Implementing a Just Energy Transition Argument", the author emphasized issues such as ozone layer depletion, carbon business, persisting challenges in the Clean Development Mechanism, and called for reforms in global financial institutions. Other engaging topics included: "Aging population in Vietnam population in Vietnam" by Prof. Giang Thanh Long, National Economics University, Hanoi; the presentation "Pro-Poor Land Reforms, Education and Fertility: International Evidence, 1820-2010" by Prof. Mehmet A. Ulubasoglu from Deakin University, Australia; and the presentation "Crypto economy at the crossroads. Steering a course between innovation and enforcement" by Prof. Mieszko Mazur from ESSCA School of Management, France.

Panel discussions received vibrant contributions from the delegates

The focal theme of VEAM-2023 was Green Economic and Financial Development. The research works presented at the conference covered theoretical, experimental, and situational studies across all fields of green economic and financial activities. These encompassed, but were not limited to, current energy crises and international commerce, green finance, electricity industry regulations, energy policies, carbon markets and other tools, deep carbon reduction pathways, energy security, and other related subjects, etc.


At the conference's conclusion, the organizing committee presented the Best Paper Award to the author groups: Thi Hang Banh, Ammu George, Bowen Yan, Huanhuan Zheng with their presentation "Do foreign direct investments improve export sophistication?", Elena L. del Mercato and Van-Quy Nguyen with "Sufficient conditions for a “simple” decentralization with consumption externalities", Tran Hai Anh with "The minimum wage and its trade-off between wage inequality, labor turnover, and unemployment", and Linh Nguyen with "Land Rights and Migration in Vietnam".


Representatives from the organizing committee award the Best Paper Awards

 The University of Economics, as a member of Da Nang University, is one of Vietnam's three regional universities. With 48 years of experience in providing human resources in the fields of economics and business, the university is research-oriented, creating an innovative academic environment to foster knowledge discovery, application, and transfer of scientific knowledge in the areas of economics, business, and management.

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