The first prize of the Da Nang City Science Research Student Contest honors students of the University of Economics


Continued success at the Euréka Scientific Research Student Award in 2022, a group of students from the University of Economics - the University of Danang has proud achievements in the field of research at the Da Nang City Science Research Student Competition which took place on December 3. Specifically, the student group of the Faculty of International Business includes Nguyen Hoang Diem Quyen; Nguyen Ngoc Ha An; Nguyen Hoang Van Anh; Nguyen Huu Tung with the topic "To Think and to Feel: A Study into The Relationship between Aesthetics and Users' Behavioral Intentions towards Mobile Banking Applications" won the first prize at the contest with the guidance of MSc. Pham Thi Be Loan

02 excellent groups of UDN students were awarded 02 first prizes, including a group of students from the University of Economics (on the right)

This outstanding achievement affirms persuasive intelligence, bravery, creative ability, and technology mastery of students of the University of Danang in general and students of the University of Economics in particular at the "playground" of science, creativity and entrepreneurship of the city's youth by the Department of Science and Technology in collaboration with Da Nang Youth Union held this year at the University of Economics - University of Danang.The topic was highly appreciated by the Organizing Committee for providing scientific and practical arguments to help banking service providers better satisfy the needs and tastes of customers when applying new technology to improve the aesthetics and utility of digital banking applications and services. This is also one of the total of 33 typical scientific research topics and works selected for the Final Round, the highest awards (02 First prizes, 02 Second prizes and 02 Third prizes) belong to the students of the University of Danang.

Representative of the University's leadership: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Thi Thuy Anh - Vice Rector congratulated the research team

The First Prize achievement at the Da Nang Science Research Student Contest in 2022 is a worthy reward for the group's research process, and at the same time acknowledges the companionship and dedicated help of the instructors. Wishing the group will nurture a passion for research and continue to promote its capacity, creative spirit, and contribute many research topics of practical significance to socio-economic development.

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