I. General introduction of the Youth Union of Finance Faculty

    Established at the end of February 2015, Youth Union of Finance Faculty is a young association between two sectors: Corporate Finance (K15) and Financial Management (K16). Although the operation time has not been long, but with the spirit of enthusiasm and solidarity, the members of the Youth Union of Finance Faculty always try to create useful and suitable programs for students. Faculty members with the desire to create a strong connection in the Faculty of Finance.


    Mode of operation:

    Members of the Executive Committee are divided into 3 departments, namely the Finance - Logistics Department, the Communication Department and the Operation Department. The duties of each committee include:

    o The Operation Department

    - Planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the results of activities.

    - Directly managing the performance

    - Coordinate financial, communication and logistics departments according to the plan.

    o Arts Department (directly under The Operation Department)

    - Planning and preparing content of the show.

    - Coordination of cultural shows.

    - Prepare MC script.

    - Prepare backup plans.

    o Communication Department

    - Making ideas, designing tools for communication.

    - Technical manager in events.

    - Coordinate with other board members to expand communication when necessary.

    o Finance  - Logistics Department

    - Treasurer, statistics and financial preservation.

    - Determine all necessary expenses.

    - Plan for time and resources on applying for funding.

    - Prepare contract documents, necessary agreements between the financial sponsors and recipients.

    - Make an idea of ​​fundraising activities.

    - Prepare and provide resources as soon as needed (manpower, material resources).

    - Plan the time and content for support activities.

    Each week, the Executive Committee members will meet at the faculty office to discuss and comment on the ongoing and upcoming activities of the department. The heads are responsible for dividing the work for the members of the department and making plans to coordinate with other departments to carry out the activities of the department and the head.



    1. Campus Tour

    Located in the series of activities to welcome new students of the Faculty of Finance, Campus Tour is organized by the Youth Union of the Faculty of Finance with the aim of helping students to become familiar with the environment that they will attend, it is also an opportunity for new students to meet and exchange experiences about studying and working with upper-year students.

    2. The freshmen program of the Faculty of Finance

    The welcome program is an annual program of the Faculty of Finance with the aim of creating a playground to exchange and engage students of courses, students in a class, and also an opportunity to help new students to understand more about the course that they pursue, understand their passion and receive courage to stay strong on their chosen path.








    3. Earth Hour Program 2015

    Vietnam Earth Hour Program in Da Nang with the representative of the Youth Union of Finance Faculty took place on the morning of March 22 in the North East of the Dragon Bridge. With the participation of 1000 volunteers from universities and colleges in Da Nang city.

    This year's program with the slogan "Energy saving - responding to climate change" has spread to people especially young people who have a great influence on the future of the country and the world. From the above message, along with the information of the media program, partly helps you become more aware of the importance of saving energy. More specifically, together committed to "Turn off the light for 60 minutes or more" with countries around the world on the official date of Global Earth Hour March 28, 2015. Small action - great meaning.


    4. Winter volunteer program

    The "Warm Winter Day" program was held in January 2016 in Wait Village, Ating Commune, Dong Giang and the "Winter Fire" program was held in January 2017 as two volunteer programs organized by the Faculty of Finance. The organization itself, in the series of winter volunteer campaigns, was launched annually by the Youth Union of Finance Faculty. The program includes activities such as fundraising, mobilizing clothes, giving gifts, rebuilding roads for people .... with the hope to contribute the youth to build remote areas of the country to be better.


    5. Annual football tournament (Finance cup)

    Football tournament of the Faculty of Finance for both men and women is a useful exchange playground for students in the Faculty. Coming to this playground, students are not only trained in hardship, team spirit but also an opportunity to exchange and cooperate between classes. This year's tournament was attended by enthusiastic teams from the class, the teams offered bloody matches but also good to watch for the fans.



    1. The third prize of Danang University Traditional Camp 2016

    This year Danang University Traditional Camp with the theme "Proud to reach out, aspire to fly high " includes new and exciting content, very unique and diverse performances from schools’ members. In the camp, the Faculty of Finance represents the Japanese country. After three days of camp, the Youth Union of the Faculty of Finance has won the third prize. This is indeed a remarkable effort for a young group.


    2. Student Nguyen Thao Phuong (37K16-CLC) won the title of good student in 2014

    The "Student with 5 merits" title program was launched at the 9th National Congress of the Vietnam Student Association, the term 2013-2018 has been strongly developed in students nationwide. The program defines 5 criteria for students to practice: good morality, good learning, good physical strength, good volunteerism and good integration.

    Nguyen Thao Phuong, class 37K16-CLC, has excellently received the title of " Student with 5 merits " at the central level along with 41 other students (of 15 provinces and cities; 33 universities and colleges) meeting all the standards. 

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