🔥 MICA 2016 TOPIC: “Digital Marketing for Enterprises: Forecast, Potential and Challenges” 🔥


    To: Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Policy researchers

    To fulfill our mission as a pioneer in marketing scientific research and to inspire about contemporary marketing as well as to support business community in identifying effective solutions, University of Economics – The University of Danang, ADIUT France (Association of Directors of French Technological Institutes in Universities), National Economics University (Hanoi), Danang Young Entrepreneurs Association in accompany with Vietnam Marketing Association (as a media sponsor) are holding MICA 2016 Conference entitled “Digital Marketing for Enterprises: Forecast, Potential and Challenges.”
    The conference aims to create an environment for academic exchange and experience sharing between researchers and professional marketers on changes in modern marketing, especially on the explosion of digital marketing and its prospects for enterprises. This will be an opportunity for researchers, marketing practitioners (in particular) and business practitioners (in general) to cooperate and share in order to find effective marketing solutions, models and methods; thus helping firms be confident in conquering markets in the new context.
    The Conference Organizing Committee cordially invite scientists, entrepreneurs, managers and policy researchers to write papers for the conference. Topics that the conference encourages to exchange and discuss include (but are not limited to):

    - Evaluating and forecasting trends and prospects of digital marketing in Vietnam and in the world.

    - Identifying challenges and barriers in applying digital marketing in enterprises.

    - Researching, evaluating and forecasting digital consumption trends in Vietnam and in the world in the future.

    - Studying consumer behaviors in the digital environment.

    - Developing solutions for enterprises in integrating technology into digital marketing management and implementation.

    - Developing digital marketing techniques, solutions, tools and models for businesses, such as Marketing Automation, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, Viral Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Mobile Marketing, etc.

    - Identifying development trends of digital marketing in the future and their applicability in enterprises, such as Internet of Things, GIS Marketing, etc.

    - Exchanging new ideas and models on social and technological connection-based marketing, community-based business models, such as Uber, Airbnb, Italki, etc. 

    In addition to the above topics, the conference also welcome to exchange and discuss on issues emerging in current marketing practices of businesses, such as developing marketing support services, linking and cooperating in marketing resource employment, etc.

    Deadline for submission and registration:
     Paper submission deadline: 20 August 2016
     Participation registration deadline: 15 September 2016
     Conference date (expected): Saturday, 15 October 2016
     Conference location (expected): Danang City, Vietnam

    Submission process: 
    📩 Full papers should be sent to the following e-mail address: mica@due.edu.vn 
    Writing guide and paper requirements: follow the attached template. The full paper is written byVietnamese or English.

    - Website: http://hoithao.due.udn.vn/ht/217
    - Email: mica@due.edu.vn
    - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MICAconference/?fref=photo
    - Tel
    🔶 Secretariat

    Ms Quyến (+84) 935915987 
    Ms Lan (+84) 905460049 
    🔶 Responsibility for Content: 

    Ms. Hương (+84) 988253990
    Mr Trí (+84) 979780858

    The papers will be gathered, reviewed, selected and edited to publish in a conference proceedings with ISBN number. 

    The Organizing Committee hope to receive your support and cooperation. Thank you and best regards!

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