Digital Business: Theoretical and empirical backgrounds on digital transformation in business and management; Opportunities and challenges regarding the digital transformation of enterprises in Vietnam; Enhancing the digital transformation capacity and management capacity for enterprises in the digital economy; Solutions and application modernization for enterprises to implement digital platforms successfully; Achieving the sustainable development in the digital ecosystem.
          Sustainable development in business and management in the post-COVID-19 and beyond: Laying the theoretical and empirical groundwork for enterprises’ robust growth after the COVID-19 pandemic; Policy responses for a sustainable post-COVID-19 recovery; Boosting sustainable enterprise development; Enhancing the social responsibility of enterprises; Transfer business model toward sustainable development; Toward a circular economy; Evolution of the digital society.
          The COMB-2023 welcomes submissions in English from academics, industry professionals, and researchers with original contributions on topics related to business and management issues to enhance the sustainable competitive advantage of enterprises after the COVID-19 pandemic as well as to boost the digital adaptation of enterprises in the era of Industrial revolution 4.0, especially in Vietnam. Areas of interest include but are not limited to, the following disciplines: Management, Business, Creativity & Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Digital economy ecosystem, Digital business platforms, Economics, Supply Chain Management, Finance, Marketing and Consumer Behaviors, Human resource management, Information and Technology Management, Operations Management and Research, Service Science, Strategic and Change Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Interdisciplinary Studies and related fields.