The theme of MICA-2024 is
“Human-to-human Marketing: How Marketing Finds Meaning in a Hyperconnected World”

The University of Danang - University of Economics (DUE, Vietnam), Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (Germany), National University of Economics (Vietnam), University of Finance & Marketing (Vietnam), and Foreign Trade University (Vietnam), are organizing the 4th International Conference on Marketing in the Connected Age (MICA-2024), to be held on August 23rd, 2024 in Danang City, Vietnam.

Created in 2016, MICA aims to be a unique point of convergence for researchers, world-leading experts, practitioners and policymakers in marketing to meet, share and exchange ideas. In close collaboration with national and international partners, MICA-2024 focuses on the responsibilities of marketing in leveraging technological advances in creating innovative and sustainable offerings that provide value for firms, consumers, and society.


MICA-2024 would like to invite scholars and practitioners to provide insights into how marketing could find meaning in a hyperconnected world. Accelerated advances in technology have resulted in a hyperconnected world which is characterized as pervasive access to information and continuous multidimensional interconnection among humans and devices regardless of time and space. While the hyperconnected world presents marketers with unprecedented opportunities to connect with customers, it has inadvertently created new challenges such as data privacy, social isolation, cyber-security, and well-being deficit. The MICA-2024 conference invites submissions (English only) that discuss the state of marketing in a hyperconnected world as well as its responsibilities to create genuine human connections and sustainable value for customers, firms, and society as a whole. Topics that the conference encourages to exchange and discuss include (but are not limited to):

Managing human experience as a marketing capability
Branding in a hyperconnected world
Hyperconnected consumer behavior
Experiential marketing and digital customer experiences
Business models, Digital Marketing models in a hyperconnected world
The dark sides of hyperconnectivity
Immersive technology and marketing
Sustainable digital consumption and possession
The interface of marketing, innovation, and entrepreneurship in a hyperconnected world
The potential of hyperconnected social media
Omnichannel Marketing and hyperconnectivity
Computer-human interaction
Social marketing in a hyperconnected world
Hyperconnected Marketing education
Service marketing in a hyperconnected world