• ICOAF 2019


    n the afternoon of July 13, 2019, the 5th International Conference on Accounting and Finance (ICOAF 2019) was officially opened at Grand Tourane Hotel with the attendance of nearly 100 delegates, scientists, international speakers,  leaders of Da Nang University and University of Economics, co-organizers and numerous lecturers.


    The highlight of this year's conference is the presence of two leading experts in the field of Accounting and Finance in the role of the main speaker, which is Professor Mingyi Hung - Professor of Accounting, Hong Kong  University  of  Science  and Technology - who had previously presented at ICOAF 2018, in addition to the first appearance of Professor Joseph Fan - Professor of the School of Accounting and Finance, University of Hong Kong.

    The presence of two leading experts in the field of Accounting and Finance in the role of the main speaker: Professor Mingyi Hung (in the left) and Professor Joseph Fan

    Speaking at the opening of the conference, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Thi Thuy Anh - Vice Rector of the University of Economics emphasized the co-operation of partners such as the Global Financial Research Institute at the University of New South Wales (Australia), Massey University (New Zealand) and Aston University (UK) has contributed to the success of this year's ICOAF  as well as previous years' conference.  For international scholars and researchers, ICOAF 2019 is the forum to exchange and share experiences, new ideas and research results on all aspects of Accounting and Finance and discuss those challenges and solutions.  For DUE's  lecturers and scientists, it is chance to learn, exchange knowledge from researchers from many countries, thereby promoting and improving the quality of the scientific research environment at the University of Economics.

    Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Thi Thuy Anh is speaking at the opening of the conference

    Opening video of ICOAF Conference 2019

    This year, the Conference received the total of 72 articles from domestic and foreign scientists and lecturers, especially prestigious scholars in the field of finance and accounting.  Through the review process, the Content Board of the Conference with the participation of big names in the field of Finance - Accounting over the world has selected 30 scientific articles to present at the conference. This is a great opportunity for scientists and lecturers at local and international universities to share academic ideas, receive scientific suggestions, thereby increasing the chances of articles being accepted for publication in ISI and SCOPUS journals.  ICOAF  2019 is also the basis to foster a global network of researchers in the field of Finance - Accounting and strengthen cooperation in the research of finance and accounting in Vietnam. At the same time, the comments discussed at the conference will help participants to catch the world field trend, apply to research and propose solutions in Vietnam, and help lecturers apply to lectures at the University, equipping with new and practical knowledge for learners.


    Professor Joseph Fan is speaking at the Conference


    The presentations at the conference mentioned many areas of accounting and finance in many different countries based on research data and examples in Vietnam and in the world, forming a whole multi-dimensional  of this field in the world such as: financial services; cloud analysis tool in financial analysis; consumer rights, enterprises in the financial world; the relationship between politics and credit, the effect spread in the banking network; the effect of financial risk disclosure....

     The main speaker, Professor Mingyi Hung



    Video of expert

    Taking place on July 13 and 14, the ICOAF 2019 was highly appreciated by experts and scientists on the organizational scale and the quality of the presentations. Presentation and discussion sessions have been exciting with high scientific content and multi-dimensional and intensive perspective in the field of Finance - Accounting. As an organizing unit, the University of Economics - Danang University and its partners have strived to bring a modern and friendly academic exchange space of an international conference level, directing to raise ICOAF level to become one of the largest Finance - Accounting Conference in Southeast Asia.