The ambassador of the state of Israel visiting University of Economics - The University of Danang


On November 23rd, 2017, University of Economics-the University of Danang honorably welcomed Mr. Nadav Eshcar-the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel for his visit to the University. The reception also has the participation of Prof. Junichi Mori - visiting lecturer at University of Economics, representatives of Department of Organisation and Administration, Department of Inspection and Legislation, Department of Research and International Cooperation, Faculties and more than 200 students.

After the welcome speech, the representative of University of Economics presented the Ambassador with flowers to thank him for spending his precious time introducing students and lecturers more information about Israel and its journey of overcoming difficulties to become a creative country.

The Ambassador gave an overview of Israel, which is located in the Middle-East with three big cities including Tel Avid, Jerusalem and Haifa. The country has an area of more than 20,000 km2 with no natural resources, but it is known as “silicon valley” of the world in agriculture and water technology. It is also famous for the miraculous agriculture with advanced cultivation and breeding techniques: planting flowers in the desert, growing vegetables in a barren land, smart dairy farms, water tank in the desert, raising fish in the desert, etc. Israel is also well-known as a startup nation with the largest number of startups per capita in the world (about 4000 companies). Another interesting fact about Israel revealed by the Ambassador is that it has the largest number of doctors, engineers and scientists in the world. Israel has 12 Nobel prizes in Chemistry, Economics, Peace and Literature; 12 people won Nobel prizes within 67 years. It is also the destination of many famous companies such as Google, Samsung, Facebook, Microsofl, Huawei, etc. 


The Ambassador also mentioned the effort and creativity of Israelis who always believe in themselves. Israelis people are not afraid of failures, so they try their best to pursue what they really want. They are also creative, determined and straightforward to present and defend their points of view, which helps them invent new technologies that are famous worldwide.

During the talk, students of University of Economics-the University of Danang asked many questions about policy to support young people to start up a business in Israel and showed their desire to study in this country. The Ambassador shared that he paid a visit to Danang Business Incubator to know more about startup projects of young people here. Experts from Israel have had many business trips to Danang to attend startup workshops and train young local people. In the future, the Ambassador with the city leaders will find a way to connect more experts with startup projects in Danang. In terms of study opportunities, the Ambassador said that every year, Israel welcomed many Vietnamese students who came for study and research mainly in agriculture. Israelis students are very excited to welcome Vietnamese young people and the Ambassador considered connecting more universities in Israel with Vietnam as one of his priority tasks. 

The talk has finished but the Ambassador’s stories about creativity, startup spirit and outstanding achievements of Israel will become the strong motivation for students of University of Economics.

The Ambassador started his term in Vietnam on Sept 26th 2017. Before visiting students of University of Economics, he had worked with city authorities, the University of Danang and Business Incubator to discuss the potential bilateral partnership between Haifa city, Israel and Danang city, Vietnam.