Welcoming Exchange Students for the Summer Semester: Exciting and Practical Experiences at DUE


On the morning of July 3rd, the University of Economics, Da Nang University (DUE) warmly welcomed 14 students from two leading economic universities, National Economics University and the Academy of Policy and Development, to participate in the Student Exchange Program for the 2022-2023 summer semester. The program is implemented under the Student Exchange Cooperation Agreement signed by the leaders of the top 10 universities in Vietnam's economics field on October 29th, 2022.


The welcoming event was attended by Associate Professor Dr. Le Van Huy - Vice-Rector of the University of Economics, Da Nang University, and representatives from various departments and faculties: Training Department, Student Affairs Office, Examination and Educational Quality Assurance Department, Facilities Department, Student Support Center, and Business Relations Department, as well as leaders from the two directly involved faculties - Marketing Faculty and Tourism Faculty - and students from both National Economics University and Academy of Policy and Development.

DUE is one of the most dynamic and proactive units in realizing the key points of the aforementioned cooperation program. At the opening ceremony, Associate Professor Dr. Le Van Huy extended a warm welcome to the exchange students at the University of Economics, Da Nang University. Participating in this summer semester, the students will not only gain knowledge in economics, management, and business from young, dynamic lecturers at DUE but also experience a meaningful summer in the beautiful coastal city of Da Nang. The Vice Rector also expressed his hope that DUE students will wholeheartedly support and assist the exchange students in their learning and knowledge-sharing journey, as well as in deepening their understanding of the culture of the Central region.


The Vice-Rector of the University of Economics hopes the students will have a meaningful summer at DUE

Representing the students participating in this exchange program, Nguyen Huong Giang - a student from K62, National Economics University - expressed her thoughts: "We are grateful that our class has the opportunity to be taught by experienced lecturers at the University of Economics, Da Nang University. The first value that the exchange program brings is the chance to exchange and study together in one class, where students from three universities can share knowledge, discuss, and work in groups. I believe that every student sitting here, regardless of age, major, or hometown, has come here with an open mind, ready to accept new knowledge and experiences and embrace new friends, in order to equip ourselves with the best preparation for a bright future." 

Nguyen Huong Giang hopes that this will be a valuable opportunity for students from three universities to exchange knowledge in one class


Student Hoang Thi Binh performs the cultural program "Spring in the Village" during the exchange event with students from both universities


Bui Thi Thao Vi - representing the students of the Academy of Policy and Development also shared her thoughts

  Towards the end of the program, the students were briefed on the Training Regulations and Student Management Regulations, as well as the student support services, to better understand the rules and regulations during their three-week study period at the University of Economics, Da Nang University, so that they can effectively manage their time and study schedule.


Exchanged students take souvenir photos with representatives of leaders and lecturers of DUE

The cooperation program among the top 10 universities in the economics field in Vietnam aims to unify the content and methods of multi-directional and bilateral student exchange among member universities while sharing experiences in educational management and quality assurance, and leveraging the strong professional fields of each university. This will provide valuable experiences for all students from member universities and increase their job opportunities after graduation.


Students from the three universities interact and take souvenir photos together

The University of Economics, Da Nang University, hopes that this summer semester for the exchange students will be a beneficial experience that provides them with a realistic and exciting perspective of life at DUE.


Dr. Nguyen Thi Thieu Quang - Deputy Head of the Training Department, disseminates the training regulations to the students

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