University code: DDQ

Major code: 7340115

Admission quota: 200


1. Direct admission

2. Admission based on academic achievement and foreign language ability

3. Admission based on high school results for candidates graduating in 2023

4. Admission based on the results of the competency assessment exam organized by Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City in 2023

5. Admission based on the results of the high school graduation exam in 2023

With the mission of creating, spreading scientific knowledge and nurturing students' inspiration in the development of marketing science, at the same time promoting the training of marketing experts as well as providing effective marketing solutions for society. Currently, the Faculty is having three Bachelor programs: Marketing Management, Marketing Communication and Digital Marketing.

Faculty of Marketing, University of Economics - The University of Danang, established in November 2014, is one of the top quality marketing training institutions in the Central and Central Highlands regions of Vietnam. It owns an advanced training program that meets AUN-QA standards, harmoniously combining theory and practice through attractive realistic projects, extensive cooperation programs with businesses, and highly qualified teaching staff, helping students to be fully equipped with knowledge and skills and get ready to join the marketing workforce with great potential for growth and success in the future.

From 2023, in order to meet the needs of society, the Faculty of Marketing officially launched a full-time Bachelor program majoring in Digital Marketing taught in English. Not only does it provide a solid knowledge of the major by a program specifically designed to improve career capacity and foreign language proficiency, this program will also give students many opportunities to interact with external business environments, participate in many exchange programs and meet researchers. Graduates will have strong competitiveness for positions in marketing and digital marketing at multinational organizations and companies. With the trend of globalization and the explosion of technology in the 4.0 era, the Digital Marketing Program in English will definitely become a great choice for future students.

Coming to the Faculty of Marketing, University of Economics - UD, you will experience a high-quality, dynamic, creative learning environment, with best conditions to explore your creativity, and a wide choice of career options that match your personality and forte.

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