Statistics has been one of the traditional specializations of the University of Economics - University of Danang since 1976. Statistics graduates are now working in many socio-economic organizations in all parts of the country, especially the Central and Central Highlands. The desire of the University is to constantly improve the content of the program and the quality of services for training, one of the important grounds for implementation is the external evaluation of the relevant departments, including the opinion of the alumni. Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan - Statistics student, 1990-94, now Deputy General Director of Central seafood export-import company (SEAPRODEX) in Da Nang gave some comments on Statistics after the his actual experience.

(Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan: Statistics student - Deputy General Director of SEAPRODEX Da Nang)


1. The choice of statistics major

At the time of 1990, information on the job market, industry and career guidance for students was not complete as it is today. My family also did not have favorable conditions, so I decided to choose the statistics major, as the number of competitors is not high, chance is higher to find job in the State Statistical System from central to local level and any unit with the demand to synthesize, analyze and report the results of data analysis. The statistical major is suitable for those who have mathematical thinking like me. Moreover, the statistical program equips students with a comprehensive knowledge of economics and help the learners adapt to the work in the economic sector in addition to the statistical intensive work.

During our study and research at the University of Economics, University of Da Nang, in addition to gaining in-depth knowledge of statistics, we also learned many life skills from teachers, especially our statistics teacher. We learned the seriousness, dedication from the teachers in providing professional guidance and orientation for our career development ideas. It can be said that the time of students is our most beautiful and memorable memory, after more than 22 years, I still think that the knowledge learned from the University of Economics is the basic foundation for my development until now.


2. The usefulness of statistical expertise in the process of personal development

Graduating in 1994, with a Bachelor's degree in Statistics, I have many opportunities to work in the State Statistics system but I do not, as the income of the state officers at that time was not attractive to me.

I have had a number of different job before joining in the field of seafood processing by now. When I first started working in the Planning and Business Department, I was in charge of summarizing and reporting on the business situation of the company. This is a complicated task because of the daily and large volume of seafood processing with many kinds of products. The company's processing worker number in 1996 reached 400-500 workers. It can be said that thanks to knowledge, I completed the tasks very well.

I started my management career in 2006, my expertise in statistics has helped me a lot in running and operating the company. Based on accurate analytical data and synthesis, the management will have better business strategy than rely on intuitive feelings and experience.


3. Some recommendations to the school

As a former student and an employer, he stated that the quality of professional expertise of statistics students and almost all graduates from the University of Economics – University of Da Nang is very good compared to that of students from other schools. However, in order to shorten the probationary period and improve the performance, the school should focus more on the skills of the students.

We are always ready to cooperate with the school in training students practical skills, support the internship, support humanitarian scholarships to encourage students to overcome difficulties, etc.

4. The ending

What I have been up to today depends on a number of factors, including good luck. However, it must be said that the expertise of statistics has helped me a lot in the work of running the company and if have the opportunity to choose again I still decided to choose statistical major.

I would also love to express my thank to the Statistics - Informatics Department and the School for giving us the opportunity to meet generations of staff, Department and alumni in the 40th Anniversary, a great occasion to show affection and gratitude for our beloved school. The sound of the hall days remains an unforgettable memory.

"When we stay, the land is just a place

When we go, such place has a soul" 

(Statistics class of 1990-1994 meeting in the 40th anniversary of the University of Economics - University of Da Nang)

Department of Educational Quality Assurance and Testing, University of Economics

According to Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – a Statistics Alumni