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  • Policy consultant – the bridge of due's science research activities

    Today, building any government's capacity for public policy is inseparable from the role of advice and criticism from research institutions and policy advisors. Therefore, the development of research institutions and policy advisory and the full promotion of their functions have an important effect on promoting modernization and improving the quality of institutions and policies. The University of Economics - the University of Da Nang always see scientific research as the key to improve the quality of training, a tool to fulfill the role of the University in participating in solving urgent problems of society. The University is always interested in pursuing the strategic goal of scientific development, improving the research capacity of faculty, students, and leaders at all levels, and also has direct and effective directions.

    Over the past years, the faculty and experts of the university have cooperated to carry out research activities with scientific topics, consulted on policy research and In fact that those duty has been actively carried out. The school contributed comments on draft topics of the Department of Planning and Investment, Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs in accordance with Resolution 43-NQ / TW dated January 24, 2019 of the Politburo. Through research activities and policy analysis, Units asking for advice will receive comments for forming new policies. At the same time, the school's policy advisory team always tries its best to make their comments become an important part in ensuring that the policies of state agencies are supported by the public. The research purpose of the school policy advisory team is to make their undertakings and policies accepted and applied by state agencies.

    Scientific research is the key to improving the quality of training

    Policy analysis and criticism are basic links in policy making. Identifying policy problems is the premise and basis for proposing reasonable policy options. Thanks to policy analysis and criticism, the school's experts and scientists can point out the complex and problematic issues of today's policy. Therefore, simply relying on the capacity of the policy-making agency in the state apparatus will not be enough to identify policy issues. To sum up, the participation in analyzing and criticizing policy issues of the school policy advisory team plays an important role in contributing to improving the quality of the policy issued by the state.

    In addition to policy advisory and criticism activities, the school's policy advisory team also participates in policy formulation with state units. This helps teachers have the opportunity to dig deeper, more closely grasp the professional knowledge they are directly teaching, promptly adjust and add new knowledge. The process of implementing policy making activities is a good opportunity for lecturers to have the environment and the opportunity to foster scientific research capabilities. This is also the necessary basis to innovate teaching content and methods and contribute to improving the quality of training.

    The efforts of enthusiastic participation in policy consultancy activities of the University of Economics – the Univeristy of Danang have been recognized by state agencies and organizations; The responsibility and research results of the researchers, scientists and experts when participating in the development of reports are highly appreciated.

    Experts discussed in a seminar

    To achieve the goal of promoting the resources of the policy advisory team, the school always focuses on investing human resources and facilities for scientific research; strengthening cooperation between domestic and foreign colleges and universities; developing links with departments, sectors, business associations, businesses; development of research staff and research centers. This will be a bridge for the university's scientific research activities, as well as the goal to build and develop the University of Economics, in a research-oriented manner, creating an advanced academic environment, and raising cultivating and developing talent, solving socio-economic challenges for the prosperity of the community.


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