The power of Marketing in the digital era


On the morning of October 1, the MICA-2022 Conference with the theme "Marketing in the new normal: promoting digital power" organized by the University of Economics - the University of Danang in collaboration with famous universities in Vietnam and internationally including London South Bank University (UK), Yokohama National University (Japan), National Economics University, University of Finance - Marketing, and Da Nang City Young Entrepreneurs Association. Hundreds of experts and scientists from domestic and international universities attended in face-to-face and online form.

Welcoming delegates to the MICA-2022 Conference

The MICA-2022 conference with the theme "Marketing in the New Normal: Promoting Digital Power" is a forum for scientific information exchange and sharing experiences among researchers, marketing professionals, and the public who are interested in the important changing trends in marketing in the new normal. At the same time, the conference created a close relationship between the research community and the business community as well as other stakeholders for the development of marketing in Vietnam.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Thi Thuy Anh - Vice-Rector of the University of Economics gave a welcome speech at the conference

Giving a welcome speech at the conference, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Thi Thuy Anh - Vice President of the University of Economics, the University of Danang said: The MICA-2022 conference aims to explore the latest innovations, trends, prospects, and concerns in the fields of Marketing is different, especially digital marketing. The Vice Rector firmly believes that the conference will connect and develop relationships between the parties as well as experts and scientists in new projects in the future.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Thi Thuy Anh gave flowers to thank the organizers

Marketing - promoting digital power

Facing the explosion of changes in technology and customer behavior in the "new normal", marketers are forced to find solutions to develop digital marketing to reach and conquer customers. While researchers focus on clarifying and predicting how digital marketing impacts consumer perception and behavior, marketers apply leading tools in business and continue to come up with creative strategies to get their message across. Right at this MICA-2022 International Conference, marketing issues in the new normal: promoting digital power were "dissected" from many angles, from the strategic perspective of experts, and policymakers to the practical actions of businesses.

The MICA-2022 conference attracted hundreds of experts and scientists from both domestic and international universities

The conference was divided into 10 discussion sessions under the following topics: (1) Digital marketing trends and approaches floating; (2) Digital marketing analysis; (3) Characteristics and portraits of consumers in the digital age; (4) The change of consumer behavior in Vietnam and the world in the context of the new normal; (5) Adaptation and transformation of marketing and business models in Vietnam and around the world in the context of the new normal; (6) Opportunities and challenges for marketing activities of Vietnamese and international businesses in the new normal; (7) Opportunities and challenges for marketing training and service delivery in the new normal; (8) The downside of contemporary marketing practices; (9) The adaptation of marketing activities in the context of crisis; (10) Marketing for a better world such as sustainable marketing, ethical marketing, social marketing.

In the presentation, Professor Raymond Burke gave many breakthrough solutions in the field of Marketing

The presentation by Professor Raymond Burke, keynote speaker of the Conference, who is a leading expert in the field of Marketing from Indiana University (USA) at the conference highlighted approaches to improve shopper engagement and remove barriers to purchase. He also presented a variety of tools for assessing the quality and productivity of the customer experience, including virtual reality simulations, customer tracking, and eye and biometrics tracking. Through the studies of Professor Raymond Burke, by analyzing how customers interact with the shopping environment, marketers can identify specific product categories and brands that are underperforming and make changes to a product organization, shelf placement, and value communication to realize the full sales potential of each business category.

Delegates presented and discussed actively at each discussion session

Directions for effective marketing in the digital era

At each thematic session, the world's leading experts, practitioners, and policymakers about Marketing shared, exchanged their latest ideas, and offered highly practical and applied solutions. During the Digital Marketing Analytics session, experts posed many pressing questions: How do businesses take advantage of digital marketing tools when promoting their services today? How effective are they? In terms of digital marketing practices, scientists not only provided an overview of the application of this trend in practice but also the applicability of digital marketing in the context of actual implementation by analyzing real-life cases of large companies selectively using digital marketing strategies. Scientists also questioned whether digital marketing is an innovation for all industries. And to answer this question, experts have cited the specific case of the tobacco industry.

Experts have raised many urgent issues in the field of marketing

At MICA-2022, the relationship between introversion, extroversion, satisfaction, and brand loyalty is also a matter of research and discussion. In addition, the issue of KOLs and celebrities in communication was also an interesting topic in the presentation on Branding. Several experts presented testing the elements of KOLs in viral video advertising and researched the impact of celebrities in brand communication activities on consumer purchase intention.

Topics at the conference attracted the attention of experts

Especially, digital marketing communications, including display advertising, online reviews of e-commerce, etc. play an important role in the sustainable development of organizations not only in the short term but also in the long term. The topic of digital marketing communication has attracted the attention of researchers when attending this MICA-2022 conference. Scholars have analyzed the mechanism of customer attitudes and behavior through current typical marketing media including online reviews, and emotional intelligence. The interest of the researchers is also reflected in the papers on the factors affecting health promotion behavior in the Vietnamese youth community thanks to social media platforms.

It can be seen that the interest of experts and scientists in the MICA-2022 Conference has covered the hot spots of Marketing in the digital age. Scholars have described the picture of markets, businesses, as well as consumers in the digital era. Since then, many attractive and practical solutions have been formed, building directions for effective marketing in the digital era.

The MICA-2022 conference brings out the hot spots of Marketing in the digital age

The conference was honored to receive 63 papers from domestic and foreign scientists and a selection of 45 conference papers. The MICA-2022 conference held this time at the University of Economics, the University of Da Nang will create a reliable address for scientific knowledge and management experience for Vietnamese enterprises, suitable to the conditions of resources and corporate culture, especially small and medium enterprises.

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