New students 48K admission: bustling DUE


For two days September 21 and 22, the University of Economics, the University of Danang welcomed 48K new students to enroll. The DUE campus became bustling with the presence of new students arriving.

The reception of new students was well prepared. On the first day of receiving the application, the new students were guided very enthusiastically by a team of volunteers. From receiving the order number, filling out the application, the application procedure, and the medical examination were all done in an orderly manner which created comfort for parents and students.

Volunteers are always ready to enthusiastically support new students

Above all, our new students also had the opportunity to check in at the "hot" locations of the University of Economics, showing dynamism and integration when interacting with fellow students, clubs - teams - groups.

New students were doing the admission procedures

Officially becoming a member of the DUE common house, 48K new students can unleash their creativity, spread youthful energy and shine in the most dynamic environment in this Middle region! Let's take a look at the pictures of new students 48K on admission day!


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