Msc. Chu My Giang - A Tay lecturer with a passion for scientific research


“The name attached with the profession of a lecturer that my grandfather gave me carries a deep meaning on my career path and it is also my mission. Perhaps thinking about me, people often remember the image of the youngest Tay ethnic teacher from Dak Lak", that is the confession about the career story of the MSc. Chu My Giang - Lecturer at Faculty of Marketing, University of Economics, the University of Danang.

Proud to be alumni of the University of Economics, the University of Danang, 2015, Jiang graduated in Marketing and had the opportunity to receive a full scholarship to study for her master’s degree. In 2017, at the age of 24, Giang graduated with a master's degree and has worked at the Faculty of Marketing, University of Economics until now.


Chu My Giang graduated valedictorian in Marketing

Her predestined career as a teacher allowed her to live with the spirit of service to the education industry and the community. Giang said: “The teaching profession gives Giang a valuable asset, which is the love of the students. This intangible asset is the driving force that motivates Giang to try harder to improve and develop myself further.”

Through 4 years of teaching, Giang has been exposed to students of both Generation Y and Z. Giang has witnessed the students' superiority in sharing and independence. Because of the understanding and application of technology, the diversity of information sources, the students are always proactive in spreading values, skills, and positive life experiences to class members and the community.

Besides teaching, Giang herself is passionate about scientific research. During her time at the University, Giang participated in guiding students in scientific research, resulting in one First Prize at the university level and 20th National Eureka Second Prize, one article published in Online Information Review (Q1). ) topic “Online communication self-disclosure and intimacy development on Facebook: the perspective of uses and gratifications theory” with the professor. 


Chu My Giang (2nd from the right) - Being a teacher allows Giang to live with the spirit of service for the education industry and the community

With youth and dynamism, especially in the fields that she is pursuing, Digital Marketing and Multimedia Communication Design, Giang hopes to have many breakthrough technology solutions ideas to support digital teaching at the university in the context of economic development and new technological trends.

In addition to teaching and research, Giang also has a passion for the Faculty's Union and Party activities, thereby helping Giang to connect with teachers, colleagues in the teaching environment. Giang's most memorable moment in her teaching and working career at the school was the moments outside of class time when the students took part in trips, which is called "the trip of youth", and got together to play fun games, made campfires, and sang together as well as woke up early to welcome the dawn and together reviewed the memories of the days.


Ms. Giang feels the students' superiority in sharing, initiative, and independence

On the occasion of Teacher's national day, Giang sends the most sincere gratitude to teachers who taught and equipped Giang with valuable baggage in her career path. Giang is very grateful and wishes the teachers and colleagues a season of meaningful and peaceful experiences!