Preliminary conference on the implementation of the 9th Resolution of the Trade Union Congress


In order to evaluate the implementation of the Resolution of the IXth Trade Union Congress and propose solutions to contribute to the completion of the targets of the Resolution, on the afternoon of May 29, the Trade Union Union of the University of Economics organized a mid-term preliminary conference on implementing the Resolution of the School Union Congress for the term of 2017 - 2022. The conference has the presence of Assoc.prof Tran Dinh Khoi Nguyen - Vice Rector of the University, PhD. Nguyen Thi Bich Thu - President of Trade Union, MSc. Nguyen Van Long - Vice Chairman of School Trade Union, School Trade Union Executive Committee, School Trade Union Inspection Committee and Executive Committee of Trade Union Division of the University of Economics

MSc. Nguyen Van Long briefly reported the implementation of the Resolution

Opening the conference, MSc. Nguyen Van Long, on behalf of the trade union, assessed the implementation of the Resolution of the 9th National Union Congress. Under the direction of the School Union, the trade unions have coordinated to implement well the union work and complete the spending set by the Congress Resolution. In particular, 100% of officials and employees participated in the study, thoroughly grasped the guidelines and instructions of the Party, policies and laws of the State and superior trade unions. Member of the Union Executive Committee of the Union, the Union President of the Union often participates in fostering Trade Union operations organized by the University of Danang Trade Union. The school union cooperates with the government to organize well the annual cadre, civil servant and civil servant conference; acknowledge the opinions on the organization, training, scientific research and international cooperation, facilities and other work of the University officials, thereby serving as a basis to complete the university  school more and more. The work of public servants has been paid much attention by the school trade union such as organizing many activities with diversified forms, with coordination and integration between forms, creating a joyful and exciting atmosphere. 100% of officials and employees' families meet the title of "Cultural typical family" recognized by the ward People's Committee; The University of Economics is also recognized as the "Cultural Standard Agency". Encouraged by the Trade Union, officials and employees have actively responded to emulation movements and contributed to various types of funds launched by superior trade unions; well observing internal rules and regulations of the agency. In order to ensure the tight compliance with the Trade Union's charter, the Inspection Committee has proactively developed its operation regulations and organized the serious and effective implementation of the peer inspection, the Trade Union Division from 1 to 2 times on the compliance with the Trade Union Charter, revenue - expenditure, management and use of Trade Union finance.

In addition, the School Union has always been active in renovating its operating methods in accordance with the new organizational structure and aiming to contribute to the development of the University; organize an annual Conference on Trade Union activities to evaluate the achievements, limitations and difficulties in the process of implementing the school year duties; deploy a set of criteria for emulation evaluation for collectives and individuals with specific grading criteria for annual classification and commendation; collaborate with trade union units at the University of Danang to organize seminars to share skills for union work, to create forums of contributions, suggestions and solutions to improve the effectiveness of organization. Union. In recognition of the achievements that the Trade Union Trade Union has achieved, the Trade Union has awarded the Industry Trade Union Emulation Flag in 2019.

The conference received many comments from the trade unions

The School Union recorded comments and answered questions

The conference has received many ideas and solutions from representatives of trade unions in order to successfully fulfill the targets of the Trade Union Congress Resolution in the remaining 2 years of the 2017-2022 term. Trade union members also expressed their desire to receive support and advice from the Trade Union of the Union in organizing trade union activities, connecting trade union activities with various and diversified forms; create conditions for laborers to participate in activities organized by sports clubs, look for athletes for internal and external tournaments; In terms of online teaching and academic exchange, the trade unions will promote their professional role to propose solutions, effectively apply information technology and build a network of links and support. Specialization between the Union Departments.

The conference received many comments from the trade unions

Speaking at the Conference, Assoc.Prof.Dr Tran Dinh Khoi Nguyen also highly appreciated the effectiveness of trade union activities in recent years, especially promoting the role of trade union in the organization of activities, actively innovating and diversifying forms of activities. , improve the spiritual and material life for officials and employees. The representative of the School Board of Directors also wishes that the trade unions of the division will unite, stick, continue the achievements in the past 3 years, and successfully fulfill the targets of the Resolution of the 9th Trade Union Congress Term 2017 - 2022.