Expand and strengthen cooperation with DUE partners in Germany


In order to expand and strengthen cooperation with German partners, on the morning of 10/12, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dao Huu Hoa - Vice Rector of the University of Economics and Business welcomed the Delegation of Universities from Germany in the framework of cooperation with Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Members of the delegation participating in the meeting and working session include: TS. Alexander AU - DAAD Agency; Prof. Holger Paschedag - Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences; Prof. Thomas Russack - FOM University of Applied Science; Prof. Mechthild Schrooten - University of Applied Sciences Bremen and Mr. Philine Van Der Leeuw - European University of Applied Sciences.

At the meeting, Assoc.Prof Nguyen Phuc Nguyen - Head of Department of Science & International Cooperation - University of Economics introduced the formation history, scale, structure, training programs and international network of the University. Currently DUE is working closely with more than 50 international partners around the world through student transfer, student exchanges, faculty and scientific research collaborations. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Phuc Nguyen also said that the University has built and developed cooperative relationships with quite a few partners in Germany, and at the same time, many lecturers and students came to exchange and transfer at the University of Science and Technology Westphalian through the Eramus + project over the years. The University of Economics believes that the meeting will be the foundation for forming cooperative relationships in various fields with German partners.

Ph.D Alexander AU said that this is also a valuable meeting for universities in Germany to learn about the cooperation needs of the University of Economics and at the same time, open opportunities for lecturers and students of the two countries to exchanging, studying and improving proficiency in a dynamic and professional learning environment. Representatives of German universities also proposed cooperation in scientific research cooperation, knowledge exchange through international conferences, wishing to introduce information about studying abroad, scholarships to lecturers and students. University of Economics.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dao Huu Hoa also introduced the summer semester program, DUE internship program for international students. This is an opportunity to learn, experience culture and gain experience in Vietnam for students from other countries. The University of Economics and Business will offer the most incentives and maximum support for international students to successfully complete the programs, in addition to meeting the requirements of the partners. In order to widely share information about scholarships, overseas study, the University of Economics and Business also sent an invitation to attend the International Education Conference (Education Fair) to the Mission and hoped that there would be more and more DUE lecturers and students get the information of the school through this seminar.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dao Huu Hoa and Ph.D. Alexander AU

Continuing the discussion, the parties also exchanged deeply about German language teaching in the Central - Highlands region, coordinated research support, invited professors to Vietnam to teach and share faculty knowledge. Study, send invitations to experts, scientists of schools to attend and write articles for DUE's international conferences such as: ICOAF, MICA, COMB ... Representatives of the parties desire to come to a cooperation agreement to realize the plans and proposals discussed by the parties. Through the meeting, representatives of the University of Economics also thanked the DAAD for facilitating the introduction of the university to partners in Germany as well as an important information hub for lecturers and students. The University has been seeking opportunities to study abroad in Germany for a long time in the past.