A study program of e-commerce in university of economics, the university of Danang is designed to train the essential competencies for business and commercial managers in the future; adaptive and flexible ability in the environment of dynamic and modern business; and globalization.

Based on the combination of knowledge and management skills, and business and technology, the e-commerce program focuses on enhancing the application capacity of the latest digital technology and Internet to manage and develop business in the 4.0 industrial revolution. The combination of the knowledge, and personal and social skills, e-commerce bachelors are able to take the career opportunities to work in the e-business environment; to build the effective business strategy for business enterprises; to design and implement e-commerce solutions, to manage online customer interactions and so on. Furthermore, they are able to work well in a variety of job positions and to promote key positions in e-commerce, commercial, and business enterprises in country and international environments. In addition, they are also capable of successfully working in state-owned organizations and e-commerce research institutes.

Specially, the e-commerce training program is designed to train in a specific mechanism; and to focus on the combination of e-commerce science knowledge in the digital age and operational practises of e-commerce in business enterprises. E-commerce students have opportunities to interact and practice e-commerce operations in enterprises at the first year; to train professional skills and to experience new technologies in the market. The course also aims to equip students with the essential individual capacity to develop person skills and to create start-up.

Career opportunities

Graduates are working at various areas such as large and potential corporations, education institutions, government institutions, and financial institutions as experts of e-commerce. Their background is suitable for the following positions:

  • Manage transaction operations in e-commerce companies such as online retailers, online distributors, music service providers, entertainment, e-travel, and so on.
  • Manage e-commerce projects of enterprises to implement e-commerce activities such as sales, customer communication, system administration, and so on.
  • Carry out business analysis and market research, especially online markets, online business and social network.
  • Work as experts of companies and government organizations related to commerce and e-commerce such as e-commerce promotion agency, e-commerce associations from the national and local levels.
  • Work as consulting experts and provide e-commerce solutions in technology service companies and e-commerce consulting firms.
  • Work as researchers and lecturers of e-commerce in research and training organizations
  • Work as founders of innovative start up projects based on e-commerce.

Development opportunities of e-commerce bachelors

  • Develop and promote higher management positions in enterprises and organizations.
  • Be able to study other undergraduate programs to get a second degree of economics or management and business.
  • Be able to study higher programs such as master or PhD programs of economics or management and business.

Specially, the integrated training program focuses on personal development. After 5 or 10 years of graduation, e-commerce graduates have some following capacities.

  • Chase business ideas and become entrepreneurs in the field of business, commerce, especially e-commerce.
  • Become key leaders in the field of e-commerce, e-business, and e-commerce system management in enterprises.
  • Become consultants of solutions, strategies, and the development of e-commerce systems for enterprises and organizations
  • Become an analyst and a senior researcher in areas of great demand such as business intelligence, big data analysis, market analysis, business automation and so on.