Innovation, creativity, cooperation, connection ... have been the keywords researched and practiced business constantly mentioned in the past years. In order to survive and thrive in today's business environment, businesses must not only be concerned with optimizing their internal systems, but also extending them to those outside the enterprise. Businesses must pay attention to the value chain, supply chain on a global scale, interested in connecting customers, stakeholders in the co-creation of value for the enterprise, attention to factors society and environment for sustainable development...

To develop more deeply these business and management views, businesses need to pay attention to their business ecosystem. "Business ecosystem" convey the idea that all elements of an economy, all stakeholders, the factors that influence and constituting a business activity need to be connected and interact to create an "ecosystem" in which all subjects can live together "harmony" to develop together.

With a mission to be the pioneer in research and transfer of scientific knowledge in business administration and business to local businesses, as well as the mission of assisting the business community in finding effective and effective solutions , University of Economics - University of Da Nang in collaboration with University of Economics - Hue University and Nha Trang University, organized the workshop "Business ecosystem" COMB 2018.

The COMB 2018 workshop aims to create an exchange of learning and experience sharing among business and management researchers across the country on the nature, components, ecosystems, models and lessons learned in the formation, nurturing and development of business ecosystems. In particular, this will be an opportunity for researchers to meet business, government and policy makers to create linkages between the three, contributing to the transfer of knowledge into practice. corporate governance and business, to actively support the development of the business.

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