“STARTUP INTERN 2017” was a competition looking for start-up ideas which was jointly organized by the Faculty of Business Administration (DBA), University of Economics, The University of Danang and Central Region Petrolimex Gas Corporation for the purpose of creating an environment for DBA students in particular and students of the University of Danang in general to be exposed to the real start-up environment following the “Lean – Startup” model – Instead of arising and realizing all the ideas by yourself, Lean forces you to test your ideas from reality before doing.

The competition organized in January 2017 with 4 rounds and attracting more than 50 ideas. Through a two-month internship at enterprises, co-operatives and participating in intensive training courses about start-up, business models, calling capital from investors, presentation skills, human resources administration, etc... as well as receiving advices from experts in this field from Danang Business Nursery, Finland-Vietnam Innovation Partnership Program IPP, Canadian Uniterra Program and other partners in the Danang start-up community, the judges selected 6 groups to enter the final round. “STARTUP INTERN 2017” was also one of the special activities of the the chain of activities to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Business Administration 1992 – 2017.

The Startup Intern 2017 final round officially took place at the A meeting-hall, University of Economics, Danang at 18 o’clock on November 2nd 2017. We witnessed a drastic competition among start-up teams with projects that excelled from the qualifying round: An app about connecting foreign tourists and the native of Local Friends, an app about fast shipping of SVF, “Interpreter 4.0” App of Five-win, the idea of card payment for bus riders of Fbus, a chain of clean food supply system of Greenfood, a website about exchanging old books of Undersky.

On the night of November 2nd 2017, after the competitions and after a discussion and difficult decision of the judges, because of that all teams have been excellently competing closely to each other from the beginning to the end, the final found the most outstanding team – the champion of Startup Intern 2017: the Five-win with the “Interpreter 4.0” start-up project.

The Five-win team is the champion of the Startup Intern 2017 contest. Photo: THANH TÌNH

(Source: Danang Online News)


The concrete result of the final round of Startup Intern 2017 contest:

-       The first prize: the Five-Win team with the “Interpreter 4.0” start-up project with the prize of 20 million dong.

-       The second and third prize: Undersky (10 million dong), SVF (5 million dong)

-       Consolation prizes: Fbus, Golden Fish, Iron (2 million dong/prize)

The members of all teams are sharing the joy of victory.

The champion brought “Interpreter 4.0” to the competition, a start-up project to help break down the language barriers of people all around the world. People will communicate with everyone in different countries in their native language, which help global citizens from all over the world to do business, travel, study and explore without fear of language barriers, making our lives more enjoyable and meaningful as we can communicate and easily help people not only around us but also around the world.

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