On the 20th Anniversary of Graduation, on the morning of November 17, 2018, the graduates of 94K6 Accounting Department returned to visit the old school roof, bringing valuable scholarships with the desire to encourage students in difficult circumstances.
Returning to the old school roof, memories like the return, the alumni gathered together to remember the days when the students were enthusiastic and expressed their gratitude to the teachers. The accounting department is like a small roof opening to welcome children away from home.

After warm moments are exchanging and giving encouraging scholarships to poor students. Besides valuable scholarships, students also listen to valuable experiences from alumni. 

Sharing the feeling of today, Thuy Trang said: “This scholarship is extremely meaningful for me, I want to use it to cover part of the tuition fees of the coming semester. They have taught me a lot of things, I will try harder to not please you and continue to inherit and promote the spiritual spirit of religion that they have taught. Thanks for giving me a chance like today.

The awarded scholarships shared a bit of difficulty, as well as encouraged the learning spirit of the students.

Hopefully you will continue to work harder in your college years and continue the spirit that the seniors left behind

Wish 94K6 alumni are always healthy and successful in life. Faculty of Accounting always follows your every step!