AAC Auditing and Accounting Company Limited needs 15 specialized bachelor's accountants to train to become auditors.

I. Conditions for recruitment:
- Graduated from University: Auditing - Accounting;
- Foreign language: English C level or above;
- Informatics: Proficient use of Microsoft Office software;
- Have enough health to continue training and long-term work at AAC;
- Prioritize candidates who have passed the audit practice at AAC.

II. Application deadline:
- By the end of June 20, 2016
- Application dossier includes:
o Application for recruitment, curriculum vitae (as prescribed by AAC)
o Health certificate;
o Associated degrees and certificates.
- Only receive applications directly at AAC Office

III. Exam plan:
- On June 22, 2016 (Wednesday): Send testimonials to candidates who meet the prequalification requirements;
- June 27, 2016 (Monday): Round I (Theory)
o Accounting - Auditing (from 7:30)
o English (from 10:30)
- July 4, 2016 (Monday): Round II Exam (Interview)
o Testing knowledge of accounting, auditing, economic and financial laws;
o Interview English;
- 06/07/2016 (Wednesday): Notice of recruitment results.
- July 11, 2016 (Monday): Meet the new staff.

- Candidates bring pen and calculator when taking the theory test;
- Candidates bring ID card to check before entering the exam room.

For more information, please contact:
Consulting and Training Department
AAC Auditing and Accounting Company Limited
78-80 lot, 30/4 Street, Danang City
Tel: 0511 3655 886 - Ext: 107, 108, 109; Email: aac@dng.vnn.vn